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Rhinestone Biz: Checkout Terms and Conditions

Confirmation of Order

Rhinestone Biz will automatically email a sales receipt for this order. Please read it carefully as it is your contract for shipment of the items therein. If you find an error on your order, it is your responsibility to notify Rhinestone Biz immediately. Failure to do so will void any agreements with regard to item exchange and shipping charges.

Order Processing

Rhinestone Biz processes orders on weekdays in the order they are received, with the exception of Express orders (those with USPS Express Mail, Express Mail International or FedEx shipping). More on the exact timing of this can be found on our Shipping Page, but keep in mind that orders may take up to 72 hours to completely process. If you have a deadline and would like to communicate that to us, we will gladly accept a phone call, email or notes in an order, but Rhinestone Biz will not guarantee any processing dates. Notification regarding low inventory and out-of-stock conditions will be made at the time of processing, not at the time of ordering.


For complete details on shipping and package transit liability, please see their respective pages. Shipping times for USPS Priority Mail 2-Day or 3-Day are not delivery commitments by USPS (we have no control over the naming of these methods).

Inventory Status and Backorders

The inventory status you may see on product pages on the Rhinestone Biz website are not rendered in real-time. These pages are updated manually on a regular schedule and may not reflect the exact inventory we have available. Items can be listed as 'Available' or 'Low-Inventory' at our discretion. These designations are based on normal sales patterns from years of selling these items. Rhinestone Biz does not make any concessions for items ordered which are listed as In Stock when the item is low or out of stock. Information on backorders can be found on the backorder policy page.

Product Images, Weights and Measures

While every effort is made to ensure life-like images of all of our products on our website, it is not possible to account for differences in reproduction, namely our customers computer monitors, laptop displays, tablets or smart phones. In addition, we photograph our products using the same lighting conditions for all products so as to maintain consistency in white balance. However, this white balance is not perfect for all products. In the case of rhinestones, we strongly urge our customers to purchase a sample card as this is the optimal way to see the actual colors of the stones. 

Many of our items are packed by counting machinery, others by weight. The machinery and scales are calibrated often, however, your package may still be over or under by two to three stones per package. In the event you feel your package is short, Rhinestone Biz will, at its discretion, credit your account for the value of the missing stones. We will NOT ship the quantity of the undercount.

International Orders

Please see the International Orders page for important information on processing of orders wherein the shipping address does not match the billing address. Orders place with Debit cards issued by International Banks may be canceled due to insufficient customer verification capabilities.

Customer Service, Returns and Exchanges

Rhinestone Biz can be reached by email, phone or by Live Help. Should you have any questions about the status of your order, we would encourage you to call us during business hours. For more information regarding Returns and Exchanges please see our corresponding policy page.