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Rhinestone Biz: About Us

Rhinestone Biz is a retailer who shares your passion for creativity. We support the design and creation of costumes, apparel and other articles with the world's finest rhinestones and other embellishments.

  • Our Mission: At Rhinestone Biz, our mission is to provide all the materials and support to turn our customers' projects from dreams into realities
  • Our Vision: Our vision is to build a business based on customer trust and loyalty, where the products we sell and the services we provide are valued and admired by those that use them
  • Our Values: At Rhinestone Biz, we value creativity, honesty, candor, patience and the desire to learn new ways of getting things done

Rhinestone Biz got its start by servicing local dance teams, pageants and skaters in the greater Los Angeles area. From there, we began supporting clothing and apparel designers, not to mention the causal cell phone and flip-flop 'blingers'. Rhinestone Biz is now a successful e-commerce retailer providing a complete line of Swarovski products and other accessories to a much wider audience.

Rhinestones: History, Use and Marketing

History: Rhinestones have a long and interesting history, but take their name from the naturally occurring minerals with a distinctive crystalline pattern, first discovered on the banks of the Rhine River in Austria. In 1892 Daniel Swarovski, also from Austria, patented the technology to fabricate stones using leaded glass. More detail on the rhinestone manufacturing process can be found here. Today’s rhinestones are manufactured in Europe (Austria and The Czech Republic) and Asia (Korea). There are many opinions regarding the quality of the product from each of these areas, but one thing is certain: The Preciosa brand has a consistent product and delivers the best price/sparkle proposition in the market.

Use: Rhinestones could find their way onto just about anything (and probably have), but are primarily used in clothing, accessories, craft items and smaller art objects. Today we see them on competition wear for dance, skating, pageants, on clothing such as shirts, pants, hats, belts and flip-flops, on jewelry, on craft items like holiday ornaments, and on other objects like dog collars or cell phones. You have probably seen photos of automobiles and motorcycles whose owners could not resist the bling.

Rhinestone Biz – Price, Selection, Service: At Rhinestone Biz we are a Preciosa Authorized Retailer. We carry Flatbacks in Hotfix and Non Hotfix in Round and Fancy Shapes, point back Chatons, Pendants, Round Beads, Cabochon Pearls and many other items. We have a full range of colors in each of these lines to make your each of your projects as unique and individual as you are. If you believe that Preciosa is the medium of choice for your projects, then please enjoy shopping with us. Also at Rhinestone Biz you will find excellent customer focused support, going the extra mile to help you with your project by assisting you with choices of color and size with regard to your base materials. Just contact us if you are unsure about anything. And, lest we forget to mention our pricing, we are competitive in every way. If you are new to our business and are unsure in any way that our prices are the lowest of any online retailer, we encourage you to add a few items to a cart and see for yourself.

When you need to shine, it’s Rhinestone Biz!