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Package Transit Liability Information

At Rhinestone Biz we understand that not every package arrives when expected. However, your package is not considered lost until 30 days have passed from the date of shipment (45 days for International orders). Rhinestone Biz is not a shipping company and makes no guarantees with respect to timely delivery. We utilize shipping companies who in turn may make certain claims and/or guarantees.

Rhinestone Biz's commitment extends only to the cost of the order. Rhinestone Biz is not liable for:
  • Any lost income or other hardships associated with a delayed or lost package
  • Replacing the order at our expense prior to the 30 (or 45) day waiting period
  • Shipping any new/replacement orders at our expense
  • Contacting the carrier for shipment status or corrective actions
  • Upgrading shipping on any new/replacement orders
  • The cost of return shipments due to incorrect customer-provided address information

In the event your package is delayed and you have a commitment to make, we recommend that you place another order. If the initial order is not received, we will refund the cost of that order. If the initial order is eventually delivered, we will refund the cost of that order after it has been returned to us. We will pay for the cost of the return shipment.

If however, your package is delayed or returned due to incorrect address information, we will charge the customer for any return fees (international orders) and/or and fees to re-ship the package.