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International Orders

Credit/Debit Card Policy

International orders will be treated the same as domestic orders, except for the following two situations:
  • Your shipping address does not match your billing address: In such cases, we will directly contact the card issuing bank to verify the billing phone number and subsequently validate the order, either in person or by automated phone network. This process may (will) delay the processing of your order by at 1-3 business days. We therefore urge international shoppers to use the same shipping and billing address if at all possible.
  • Your bank does not share address verification information: In such cases, we ill contact Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc. to validate your address. Your bank will contact you directly to validate the order. This will delay the processing of your order by 1-3 business days.
  • Your account does not require a billing telephone number: This is often the case with debit (ATM or Pre-paid cards). Since there is no way to verify your identity, these cards cannot be accepted by Rhinestone Biz.

Shipping and Customs

Customs fees or taxes imposed by the country of destination are separate from the shipping charges, and are not the responsibility of Rhinestone Biz. Customs fees and taxes will vary, and we recommend that you contact your local Customs office should you have any questions or concerns about these fees. All packages shipped from Rhinestone Biz will include a declaration indicating the contents as 'Craft Supplies', with full value for the order listed. A packaged returned to us due to refusal of these charges will result in our being charged for the shipping, return shipping and Customs fees. No future orders will be accepted until these fees are reimbursed. In addition, if a different value is declared, this will alter the insurance value of the package. This policy will not be waived in any circumstance.

Shipping Times: Carriers / Customs / Tracking

There are many variables which can add to overall shipping time of your package. This is particularly true when there are two carriers and international customs involved. Package tracking capabilities on International orders is not available on First-Class International Parcel or Priority Mail Small Flat-Rate methods. If you need a tracking number, you must upgrade to another method. We have no way of knowing where in transit your package is or how much longer it will take to deliver once it has been handed to the USPS. Please be aware that FedEx has its own customs agents which reduces time spent in customs, if you would like us to ship via this method, please call us to arrange for the upgrade.

Pricing: Currency Exchange Rates

Rhinestone Biz provides various currency conversions as a convenience to its customers via a dropdown selector on each page. Once you click away from USD in the currency conversion dropdown selector, you will see prices in your local currency. The rates provided are not in real time so the prices you see may not actually be the amounts you will be charged should you decide to purchase. Finding prices in your local currency is your responsibility as the buyer.

In order to find the correct prices using current exchange data, move the selector back to USD and manually convert the prices at the time the sales is completed. Rhinestone Biz will not refund any funds due to changes in international currency exchange rates. This is the responsibility of the customer as we only charge in US Dollars.

Free Shipping

International orders over $350 (USD) will receive a discount equal to the cost of our Free Domestic shipping. Once your order is shipped and billed we will credit back the amount equal to the price of USPS Priority Mail Small Flat-Rate Box shipping which is approximately $6.00 (USD).