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Silicone Transfer Film - Small (7.25 x 6.75 Inch)

Silicone Transfer Film - Small (7.25 x 6.75 Inch)

Silicone Transfer Film - Small (7.25 x 6.75 Inch)

Apply Hot Fix crystal rhinestones using finest quality silicone transfer film. Size 7.25x6.75" holds embellishments firmly and does not leave residue on fabrics.

  • STEP 1 Choose the design you want to make from a pattern book, CD or use your own pattern. Tape the corners to a hard, flat surface.
  • STEP 2 Cut transfer film slightly larger than the design. Peel off white backing. Keep the white film.
  • STEP 3 Tape corners of the clear film (sticky side up toward you) over the printed design. Choose the color rhinestones you want to use and place them face up on your work surface.
  • STEP 4 Use tweezers to pick up each rhinestone and place it over each dot in the design. Make certain the colors are in the correct area of the design.
  • STEP 5 Pickup completed motif and make certain all rhinestones are in the right place.
  • STEP 6 Place completed design exactly where you want it on your garment.
  • STEP 7 Place PTFE sheet over transfer design to create an even heating surface and protect the soleplate of your iron.
  • STEP 8 Preheat iron* to temperature required for your fabric approx 280 - 300 degrees (for heat press directions, see FAQ). Place iron on PTFE sheet and move as necessary to heat entire transfer design evenly. Allow approximately 12 to 15 seconds for 3mm or 4mm rhinestones (more time for larger stones).
  • STEP 9 Allow to cool to touch then slowly peel off transfer film. If any rhinestones are still on the film, replace just this area of film and repress for 5 to 8 seconds.

1 Each

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