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Hot Fix Tools

The Kandi Professional Touch® HotFix Rhinestone Applicator was designed specifically to pick up and apply hot fix crystals. The hot fix glue backing on each rhinestone provides the best possible adhesion. When applied properly, fabrics and washable items can be gently laundered without losing crystals. Use on:
  • Jeans, shirts, dresses - even velvet, spandex and fur!
  • Costumes for theater, dance and ice skating
  • Quilts
  • Sunglasses
  • Purses
  • Wedding gowns and accessories
  • Picture frames
  • Home decor, candles, placemats, towels, wallpaper, candles, coasters and much more
  • Wall hangings and paintings
  • Hair bows, ribbons, clips
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Cell phones and cases
  • and much, much more!