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Welcome to Rhinestone Biz 

Welcome to Rhinestone Biz, your source for CRYSTALLIZED™ Elements - Swarovski Rhinestones for those moments “When you need to shine.”

The name Swarovski stands for the perfect precision of cut crystal. A tradition started by Daniel Swarovski over one hundred years ago. When at the end of the 19th century, new creative style movements began to revolutionize European design, the young Daniel Swarovski decided to combine his love of crystal and his passion for creative design. Today Swarovski is the leading manufacturer of cut crystal and one of the most creative brands in the world. Swarovski crystals are more than just technically perfect components, they bring poetic radiance and passionate brilliance to your projects.

Flat Backs can be easily applied to a wide range of carrier materials, where ironing is not possible. They are durable, long lasting and versatile. This makes them the ideal decoration for watches, accessories, picture frames, bags, electronic devices, pens and pencils, fingernails etc. They are available in a multitude of colors, sizes and cuts - among them the Article 2028, the new generation of brilliance.

Hot Fix can be easily ironed on to textile materials such as wool, cotton, linen, viscose, lycra, alcantara, silk, synthetics and denim, to name just a few. The flat back of the crystal has a layer of hot-melt adhesive that is activated by using heat and then bonds with the carrier material. They are wash-resistant and come in a multitude of colors, sizes and cuts - among them the Crystallized TM XILION Rose, the new generation of brilliance.

Sew-On Stones and Flat Back Shapes are popular design elements because they are offered in more than 40 different shapes and cuts, in the finest classical crystal colors / effects and in the latest trend colors / effects, as well as in a large range of sizes. Their pointed back facilitates application in settings or they can be directly set and glued into pre-cast cavities.

Check out these featured items!

BeadSmith® Pick-It-Up Vacuum Tool For Picking Up Small Items

Size: 5x3x3 in. The BeadSmith® PICK IT UP, is a fantastic tool, used for picking up tiny flat back stones, Rhinestones, pointed back Chatons, Beads and other general craft items which are too small to lift and place with your fingers. Click here to watch the video.
Weight: 1.5 lb.
Voltage: 120 VAC
Stone Range: 7ss - 48ss

Here's how it works:

  • Plug the PICK-IT-UP in and turn on the Power switch. Once the unit is running rotate the Power Control wheel and adjust the suction power to the desired level.
  • After determining how much power you need, place the tip of the angled pen against the tiny component and cover the release hole with your index finger. This will complete the seal and enable you to lift the item.
  • Place the component in the desired position and then release it by lifting your index finger off the release hole. If you find that the component is not releasing when you lift your finger, you probably have the suction level too high. This can easily be correct by rotating the power wheel. You will probably need a little trial and error to find the right setting for your project.
  • For larger stones, we also include an attachable rubber tip. This will create a greater surface area for the vacuum to work against and allow you to easily lift bigger pieces.
The BeadSmith® Pick-It-Up Vacuum tool is unique in that it reduces hand strain and all but eliminates the need for tweezers. It will not leave a sticky residue on components like other products that use wax tips. It features a Non skid base and measures 5x3x3 inches. The BeadSmith® Pick It Up Vacuum Tool is ideal for jewelry making and general craft
Price: $39.99 (USD) 

VALUE BRIGHT™ - Crystal Components - Fancy 10x14mm Oval (4120) Crystal AB

Color: Crystal AB
Gorgeous oval VALUE BRIGHT™ Fancy rhinestone . These make great accent pieces! These beautiful rhinestones can now be set using our new Rim Sets to attach them. NOTE: Rim Sets Not Included
Shape: Oval
Size: 10x14 mm
Type: Foiled / Cushion Back
Avail: In Regular Production
Stock: In Stock - Ready To Ship
Price: $4.67 (USD) 

Crystýler® 20 Tool

Capacity: 70 Crystals The Crystýler® 20 Tool holds flat back crystals in the tool barrel and releases precisely where you want them with the click of your thumb. This tool makes adding sparkle to any surface very easy! It's fast and precise -- no more tweezers or wax.
Stone Size: 20ss
Tool Length: 8 Inches
Stone Type: Flat Back (No Hot Fix)
Regular Price: $19.99 (USD)
 On Sale For: $15.42 (USD) 

VALUE BRIGHT™ 37mm Pendant Rhinestone Trim

Width: 37mm
Lots of Bling! This trim is made from two different size cupchains which form a series of pendants.
Basic Shape: Pendant
Plating: Silver
Patterns/Ft: 16
Stock: In Stock - Ready To Ship (Rhinestone Biz)
Price: $26.64 (USD) 

VALUE BRIGHT™ Single Cupchain with 4-Prong Gold Setting and 20ss Round Stone - Crystal Clear Foiled

Setting: Single Stone
VALUE BRIGHT™ Single Cupchain is an absolutely beautiful component for trimming any garment or making jewelry. These are sold in 1 Foot, 1 Yard and 10 Yard lengths. There are approximately 39 stones per foot in this design.
Plating: Gold
Prongs: 4
Cups/Ft: 39
Stone Shape: Round Chaton
Stone Type: Foiled
Rows: 1
Stone Size: 20ss (4.60 - 4.80 mm)
Stock: In Stock - Ready To Ship (Rhinestone Biz)
Price: $9.90 (USD) 


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