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Why Is My Cart Empty?

You may have experienced a situation where you have logged in and started to add items to your cart. After you add an item, the cart does not hold the item (or so it appears). This problem is due to an interaction between your browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer) and our servers. It is noticeable on versions 7.x and 8.x of the browser.

The problem is caused by you browser's inability to accept and hold a new cookie and add it to your temporary Internet file cache. A cookie is that small bit of data which holds information about a session; in this case, your shopping session. The act of refusing the cookie causes our servers to believe that you are ending your session and thus you get logged out. The cart may actually contain the item/s you most recently added, but you cannot see them, because that session has ended.

What can be done about this?
There are several things that you can do to either fix the problem or work around it.
  • Since your browser can't hold the cookie, your temporary Internet file cache is probably full. You can delete the cache by going to:
    • Tools
    • Internet Options
    • Browsing History
    • Delete ....
    • [x] Preserve Favorites website data
    • [x] Temporary Internet Files
    • Click [Delete]
  • Since the interaction only breaks the session when you are logged in, you could simply add the items to your cart before you log in.
  • Since the problem is only symptomatic on Internet Explorer browser, you may use a different browser, i.e. Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari.
  • If none of these workarounds works, you may email us your order and we can process it on our systems which don't have this problem.
If you delete your temporary Internet files and you are on a slow (dialup) connection, you may notice a small performance degradation when visiting some sites. This performance degradation will disappear over time as your cache is refilled.