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Use of Rim Sets and Tiffany Sets with a BeDazzler™ Tool

If you would like to use Swarovski rhinestones with your BeDazzler™ tool, there are two methods, each with a distinct look - Rim Sets and Tiffany Sets.

Rim Sets are a made of a circular ring that goes around the face of the stone which has legs that are pushed behind the fabric and then compressed against the back of the fabric. Tiffany Sets are a set of prongs which are pushed through from the back of the fabric to the front where the prongs are compressed against the face of the stone to hold it in place. For either of these instructions, you need to have already fit the machine with the size Plunger for the Rim or Tiffany Set you want to set and have adjusted the Setting Plate.

Tiffany Settings

To use a Tiffany Set, please follow the instructions in your BeDazzler™ kit under the heading "INSTRUCTIONS FOR TWO PART RHINESTONES:" If you have misplaced them, here they are:
1) Rhinestones are set in much the same way as studs, except that they come in two parts (Stone and Back Set) and you have to work ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FABRIC.
2) Your Rhinestone Setter works for most #20 and #34 Rhinestones. Use The "R" setting on the Setter Plate for both sides. NOTE: Rhinestone Biz 40ss Tiffany Settings will not fit in the BeDazzler™ Plunger.
3) The Rhinestone is placed in the "R" Round Setter - FLAT SIDE UP.
4) The Back Set is pushed into the Plunger like a Stud.
5) Mark design on BACK of FABRIC. Place the fabric upside down over the Rhinestone.
6) Press down on the Pressing Arm with enough pressure to push the points of the Back Set through the Fabric and bend them around the Rhinestone.
7) Turn the fabric over and examine to make sure that the points are curved around the Rhinestone. If the points are not tight enough, press again. If one or more points are bent out instead of in, the Plunger is not centered exactly. Reset Setter Plate "R" so it lines up with the Plunger. You can bend the already bent points in with a nail file.

Rim Settings

To use a Rim Set, please follow these instructions. They are very similar to the BeDazzler™ instructions for normal, pre-set rhinestones, with the addition of one step where the stone is placed face up on the Fabric. NOTE: #20, #30 and #40 Plungers will work with Rhinestone Biz Rim Sets:
1) Open the machine and push the Rim Set into the Plunger with points facing out. If the points are too sharp use the Stud Stuffer Tool to push the stud into place.
2) Place the Fabric to be studded over the Setter Plate - make sure the Fabric is RIGHT SIDE UP.
3) Push the Pressing Arm down most of the way toward the Fabric to get a visual guide for placing the rhinestone.
4) Place a Swarovski rhinestone on the Fabric directly over the spot on the Setter Plate makes contact with the Fabric.
5) Press down on the Pressing Arm with enough pressure to push the points of the Rim Set through the Fabric to bend the points of the Rim Set into a closed position, similar to using a stapler.
6) Turn the fabric over and examine to make sure that the points are bent in and up. If the points are not pressed enough, center the stud under the Plunger again and press harder. If one or more points are bent out instead of in, you may not have the Plunger Point centered exactly over the Round Setter. Reset it properly and you can correct the already set points by bending them with a nail file.

In both cases (Rim Set and Tiffany Set) you may need to adjust the size of the Plunger to accomodate the size of the piece. In some instances, the two-part Rim Set may be a little larger than their integrated component counterparts that come with the BeDazzler™. A little experimentation is always in order to get the size, alignment and arm pressure just right make your dazzling designs.