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Swarovski Rhinestone Color Chart

Considerable effort has gone into the display of the colors on this website. However, due the the many variables which effect their ultimate display on your computer, we cannot guarantee that they are exactly what we intended. Factors such as the quality of your monitor, graphics card and your desktop settings may account for these variations. We would like you to use any images as a guide and not assume that the product you receive will match exactly. We would like to encourage you to order a Rhineston Biz Swarovski Sample Card as the best way to make the determination and choices of colors.

  • NOTE: Not all colors will be available in all sizes. For standard colors, this is particularly true 30ss (where only 60% of the colors are available), 40ss (where only a few colors are available) and 48ss (where we only sell Crystal and Crystal AB)

Swarovski Rhinestone Color Chart 05-Jan-2007