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Rhinestone Biz Customer Hall of Shame

On occasion we all make mistakes which harm other people. However, using credit card data which is either stolen or used without permission of the card holder is intentional and malicious. Since it is very difficult and costly for vendors to bring Federal fraud crime charges against these abusers we are compiling a list of them here for all to see and hopefully prevent some other unsuspecting vendor from being harmed. Some of the names are possibly assumed, but the address, phone and email info is correct.

  • Nathan Arnold: PO Box 09702, Chicago, IL 60609 (773) 732-8628 arnoldnathan41@yahoo.com
  • Bellisima Salon: 219-21 Merrick Blvd., Laurelton, NY 11413 (516) 280-0606 / (718) 990-8956
  • Freddie Ward: 684 Meadow Chase Ln, Memphis, TN 38115 901-857-3362 pharr00@yahoo.com
  • Shanika Aarons: 117-64 140th St, Jamaica, NY 11436 708-689-9922
  • Raymond Hunt (possibly assumed name): 890 Oglethorpe Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 404-874-2541 wigi11565@gmail.com
  • Faye Gifford (possibly assumed name): 829 N. Woodstock St, Floor 2, Philadelphia, PA 19130 610-513-4615 f.giff@aol.com
  • Nan Harrison: 301 Aerick St #3, Ingelwood, CA 90301 310-677-1105 shop4fun101@gmail.com
  • Harley Riker: Chrome Angels, Inc. 8749 Remmet Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304 818-998-4198