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Lowe's reputation will suffer if they continue to work with Rowland Air ( Their online reviews are unflattering and the responses from management are a study in how not to deal with problems. For context on this job, please note that we had Rowland provide a full replacement of our heating and air in August of 2022 ($25,000), but that no additional ducting was recommended. This project was to install two ducts on the second floor. I am going to quickly outline my dissatisfaction:

1) Scope of work:

1a) The additional ducts should have been part of the original (2022) scope of work in order to cool the upstairs properly.

1b) Original ducting placed a strain on the upstairs unit, i.e., (a 3.0-ton unit pulling 1,100 cfm but pushing less than 750). Possible strain on the 2022 unit was confirmed by the technician who did the walk-through of the current job.


2) Prices:

2a) I was told that the two new ducts would take a 2-man crew a full day ($1,600). Sales tech said that it would not take a full day, but that I had to pay the full day because it was not possible for Rowland to schedule any other work after my job. The crew arrived and roughly 08:38 AM and were gone by 11:40 AM (3 hrs.). The final words from one of the installers were "I'm going to help another crew now", completely contradicting what the sales tech said.

2b) I was charged $735 for each of two the new ducts. I pointed out to the sales tech that the duct, damper, straps and boot would cost no more than $150 and offered to buy and supply the parts. He said that the additional charge was for labor (note that I'm already paying for a full 2-man day).

2c) In order to get the sale, during the 'service call' the tech said that due to the industry slow season (between heating season and cooling seasons) that crews were not busy and that I would be able to get a significant discount if I booked quickly. When he arrived to book the sale, he said that there was no discount, but after pointing out what he promised, he provided a $150 discount. NOTE: I already paid $150 for the 'service call' to look at the current ducting. Basically, applying my deposit toward future work, which is industry standard.