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Swarovski Advanced Crystal Brochure Download

Several years ago, Swarovski began the transition to use a crystal composition with a new, innovative and lead-free* formula that has the same sparkle, dependability, and variety for which the company is famous for. Since September 2012, 100% of their product assortment has been made using the ADVANCED CRYSTAL formula, which is patented in the US, Japan and 16 countries of the European Union. Through pioneering technologies and accomplished vision, crystal now has a new "DNA". For more information about advanced crystal, please download and review the informational brochure below and see how "ADVANCED CRYSTAL is expanding the design possibilities in jewelry and children's wear segments.

Swarovski Elements Advanced Crystal Brochure

Swarovski Elements Application Manual

Here is the latest guide for applying Swarovski ELEMENTS to various materials using different techniques such as adhesive, soldering, electroplating, mechanical application, hotfix application, sew-on and beading techniques.

Swarovski Elements Application Manual

Swarovski Create Your Style YouTube Channel

The Professor of Crystal video series is suitable for everyone passionate about SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Do It Yourself. In each video The Professor gives expert instruction that makes it possible for every Do It Yourself crystal aficionado to achieve their own vision with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The videos feature a range of topics including gluing, epoxy clay, hot fixing, soldering, mechanical application, basic jewelry making, felting and much more.

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