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Introducing the All-New 2058 and 2038 Xilion Rose Flat Back Rhinestones

Rhinestone Biz is pleased to introduce the NEW 2058 and 2038 XILION ROSE ENHANCED Rhinestones. Article 2058 is the Flat Back (No Hot Fix) version of the product where the 2038 is the Hot Fix equivalent.

The new style has a higher profile and a smaller table which produces more brilliance on the outer edges and a broader spectrum of colors. It has more of a prism effect because of the longer sides. These articles have been specifically designed for increased crystal refraction & stunning brilliance under performance or stage lighting!! Dance, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Skating, Theater, Pageants. These are all winners with the new style.

Rhinestone Biz will implement a seamless transition of these products from their 2028 predecessors as Swarovski depletes their inventory. Rhinestone Biz will automatically adjust any orders for 2028 to either 2058 or 2038 as shipments become available from Swarovski.

2028 and 2058 Comparison Table