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Rim Sets Long Leg 34ss - Nickel

Rim Sets 34ss (7.1mm) Long Leg - Nickel

Shape: Round These Rim Sets are applied mechanically from the back of the material. Use our Hand Press or a Foot Press with the appropriate Die. Rim Sets are beautiful on denim, leather, other medium to heavy weight fabrics.
Updated: 2018-12-14
Base/Finish: Brass/Nickel Plating
Typical Use (Size): 34ss (7.1mm)
Dimensions (Inner/Outer): 6.2mm / 7.3mm
Usable Range: 6.7mm - 7.1mm
Leg Length: 3.5mm
Stock: In Stock - Ready To Ship (Rhinestone Biz)
100 Pieces
Price: $7.28 (USD)
1,000 Pieces
Price: $59.53 (USD)