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Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive 4 oz.

Gem-Tac ™ Permanent Adhesive - 4oz Bottle

Gem-Tac ™ is great for bonding porous materials - fabric, wood, suede - to smooth surfaces such as glass, vinyl and metal.
  • Bonds gems sequins, glitter and rhinestones to fabric
  • Bonds fabrics to glass, vinyl, metal and patent leather
  • Great multi-purpose adhesive
  • Washable - Dries crystal clear
Directions for Use:
  • Prewash fabrics to remove sizing
  • Apply small bead of glue; position item gently to avoid oozing and soaking through.
  • Washable after 24 hours
Helpful Hints:
  • Keep from freezing
  • Keep covered when not in use
  • Do not dry-clean
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