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Preciosa® Crystal Faerie - Rosé All Day

Preciosa® Crystal Faerie - Rosé All Day

Name: Rosé All Day Effect: Crystal Clear, Crystal Capri Gold
Pkg Size: 5g, 10g, 100g Stock: In Stock
Preciosa® Crystal Faerie is composed of tiny crystal balls and double-cones, each sized, shaped and polished to shimmering perfection. Preciosa® double-cones provide the largest surface area and account for the highest composition ratio of similar products for nails, which means that the colors are truer, the shine is brighter, and the overall impact is higher. 

Available in 5 colors: Unicorn Tears, 24 Karats, All Access Pass, Rosé All Day and After Hours in 3 different size bottles. Here are simple step by step instructions for use with traditional nail polish, gel or professional glue.

5 grams

Weight:  0.30
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10 grams

Weight:  0.60
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100 grams

Price: $161.50 (USD)