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Swarovski Sew-On 10mm Round Chessboard (3220) Crystal Clear

CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements - Sew-On 10mm Round Chessboard (3220) Crystal Clear

Color: Crystal ClearStraight, true, and cool--these are the main characteristics of the popular Swarovski Chessboard cut. Its range has now been expanded with the Round Chessboard Sew-on Stone, which combines a round shape with elegant angular elements. Making the Chessboard cut younger, easier to apply, and softer, the Round Chessboard Sew-on Stone is a must for contemporary, classic and unisex looks.
Shape: Round Chessboard
Size: 10 mm
Type: Foiled
Avail: In Program (Swarovski)
Stock: In Stock - Ready To Ship (Rhinestone Biz)
1 Each
Price: $1.97 (USD)
1 Dozen (12 Pieces)
Price: $21.34 (USD)
1/2 Gross (72 Pieces)
Price: $113.82 (USD)