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VALUE BRIGHT™ 12mm Square Lochrose (3400) Crystal AB

VALUE BRIGHT™ - Crystal Components - 12mm Square Lochrose (3400) Crystal AB

Color: Crystal AB
Our VALUE BRIGHT™ - Crystal Components Square Lochrose rhinestone is drilled with 1 hole in the center (a lochrose by definition). Attach the stone by sewing through the center hole directly or by attaching a small bead inside the hole. The hole size is approximately 1 mm in diameter and fits 18 gauge wire as well.
Shape: Square
Size: 12 mm
Type: Faceted
Avail: In Regular Production
Stock: In Stock - Ready To Ship
5 Pieces
Price: $2.40 (USD)
20 Pieces
Price: $7.60 (USD)
40 Pieces
Price: $14.40 (USD)
10 Dozen (120 Pieces)
Price: $38.40 (USD)